Table top rotary die cutter makes print on demand labels durable. The Auto-Reg Series laminates and rotary die cuts alone or with any roll fed printer. Sohn’s Auto-Reg Series re-registers to preprinted labels, laminates and converts labels in a continuous motion. Registration of the rotary die to the preprinted material is held in tight tolerance and has a variable speed drive. Many web widths (up to 40″), speeds, sizes and configurations are available.

* Now available in 10″ or 13″.


Electronically laminates and die-cuts your pre-printed labels in house.  Allowing you to maintain lot codes, serial numbers, bar codes, manufacturing codes, warranty items and other pertinent information with ease.

A complete label is produced on your thermal transfer ink or jet printer.  The printed material can be laminated and die-cut using the Sohn Auto-Reg Series to produce a protective layer over your master label.

This product I.D label system will easily meet requirements of UL-CSA-ANSI-CARB using recognized ink, ribbons, film and adhesives.
Engineered die-cuts can be designed to provide destructibility to the label system.  Fully compliant with CARB requirements (title 13 California code of regulations) and UL 1093, UL 299, UL 8, UL254, UL 626, etc + for fire extinguisher systems.

Special adnesive formulations to match your product, to meet ANSI, CARB, CSA & UL requirements.  Adhesive is designed for bonding to many surfaces and

  • Electrostatic paint systems
  • Embossed plastics
  • Low Surface energy plastic housings

Label or name plate material to meet the requirements of ANSI, CARB, CSA & UL.  (Tamper proofing can be added if required).  Auto destruct label system, and high temp application available.  Resin printing applied by your thermal printer and recognized by ANSI, CARB, CSA & UL.  Provides UV protection as well as gas, oil, solvents, etc.  Abrasion resistance exceeds CARB requirements for destructibility and high pressure (1500 PSI) wash.


  • Model AR-5
    max. finished label size W 5″ x L 15″
    min. finished label size 0.25″ x 0.125″ •web width 5″
  • Model AR-7
    max. finished label size W 7″ x L 18.5″
    min. finished label size 0.25″ x 0.125″ •web width 7″
  • Model AR-10
    max. finished label size W 10″ x L 18.5″
    min. finished label size 0.25″ x 0.125″ •web width 10″
  • Model AR-13
    max. finished label size W 13″ x L 18.5″
    min. finished label size 0.25″ x 0.125″ •web width 13″


  • manfactured from aircraft aluminum
  • maintenance free drive system with heavy duty ball bearing mounted anvil shafts and pre-lubricated motor drives and gear boxes
  • heavy duty unwind/rewind clutching
  • one die station standard (additional stations optiional)
  • one lamination station standard
  • individually controlled rewind spindles
  • 3″ I.D. core standard
  • max speed 600 IPM standard (others optional)
  • can be clean room equipped


  • voltage-120V (240 available)
  • 60 Hertz (50 available)
  • amperes-5 (standard)


Heavy rolled and welded steel sides. Thick heavy duty laminate top.  Bottom platform included for storage.  Table is large enough for both the Auto-Reg laminator/converter and your stand alone printer.


  • Automatic: Attach Auto-Reg Series to any roll fed printer or inline with your printer. Use Auto-Reg Series as a stand alone machine. Self wound or laminating with liner material.
  • Reliable: Solid industrial design/Aircraft aluminum.
  • Fast: Variable speeds up to 100 ft. per min. standard. Other speeds available.
  • Easy To Use: Designed for minimum waste of printed product during set-up. Simple set-up and running procedures via program screen prompts to operator.  Processor automatically positions the die to start position; reducing start-up waste.
  • Perfect Control: Clutches provide full web tension control.  Auto registration maintains precise die-cutting.  Sensors constantly monitor die-cutting position and compensate for variations in print repeats.
  • Accurate: Total rotary action offers perfect cutting precision with continuous motion.
  • Range Of Use: Provides high durability for your printed labels. Perfect for compliance labels.


  • nameplate labels
  • identification labels
  • security labels
  • food product labels
  • outdoor labels
  • beverage labels
  • medical I.D. labels
  • compliance labels
  • warranty labels
  • date code labels


  • dies for the Auto-Reg Series as low as $80
  • solid rotary dies
  • magnetic cylinder with flexible dies
  • specially engineered die-cuts to provide destructive security

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