Sohn Rotary Wizard

The Sohn Rotary Wizard is an auto-registering modular rotary laminating and die-cutting machine. It is designed to take preprinted material on a roll and automatically position the rotary cutting die to cut the material in register with the printed image. The standard WF model operates with a non removable magnetic rotary die-cutting cylinder and utilizes economical flex dies. The modular machine as designed allows for many options to meet the final products requirements. Depending on the model, the die-cutting station uses a digital controlled operating system which
allows for it to be used with pre-existing equipment, such as printing machines and other web or sheet fed machinery.
Sheet fed SF models available soon.


Web Width

STD Maximum
Web Width
Maximum Die Cutting Width
Maximum Die Cutting Length
Operating Speed FPM
STD Unwind Stand**
STD Waste
Matrix Rewind
STD Finished
Product Rewind
Variable 0 – 30
For 14″ roll
For 14″ roll
For 14″ roll
Variable 0 – 30
For 14″ roll
For 14″ roll
For 14″ roll
Model 13000 Heavy Duty Wizard available upon request
** Standard Unwind Stands include manual braked unwind tension
Standard Operating Voltage: 120-220V 60\50 Hz single phase power

Other Options Available

  • Final product rewinds
  • Large diameter rewind units
  • Large diameter unwind units
  • Sheeted product collectors
  • Stacking units
  • Digital controlled product presentation conveyors
  • Special operating voltage• Preset auto stop counter
  • Job running counter
  • Totals counter
  • Pneumatic core chucks
  • Web guide systems
  • Razor slitting
  • Rotary slitting
  • Shingling conveyors

Digital Control Panel (touch screen) basic included

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